Maverick Roofing and Contracting

We start by estimating your job by measuring your roof, utilizing EagleView Satellite imagery and by accounting for existing vents, flashing, skylights, etc. We determine whether or not you want to retain the same roofing products or change them. There are many options when it comes to roofing. Our knowledgeable sales staff will be glad to assist you in your selection of style, warranty performance and colors.

If your roof has sustained damage in a wind storm or hail storm, we will assist you in the handling of your claim. Many of our customers appreciate our assistance with acquiring a supplemental claim from their insurance company to respond to the current economic changes such as escalating labor and material costs. Sometimes adjusters have a lot of roofs to look at after a storm and they can miss things. Sometimes they will miss a vent, forget to account for two layers of roofing or even decline a roof that should have been determined to be a total loss. Maverick Roofing and Contracting will inspect the roof and arrange to meet with your insurance company adjuster for a re-inspection. We charge nothing for this service. Our goal is to respectfully negotiate the best settlement for our customer and assure you of a true “like kind and quality” replacement of your damaged roof.

Once we’ve ironed down the scope of your claim with your adjuster and agreed upon a price with you, we order the materials from the roofing supply company. We’ll call you to let you know when the materials will arrive. We require a 50% down payment on your job to cover the cost of materials and our initial labor expenses. We will assist you in getting the “back end” money (recoverable depreciation) from the insurance company by invoicing them on your behalf. We usually invoice the insurance company right away to expedite the payment for the job when completed. We also will ask for payment for each completed trade when we are doing multiple trade jobs. For example, if we did your roof and we were going to do your gutters, we might ask you to pay us for the roof portion before we complete the gutter work. We like to say that, “paying for the roof doesn’t void the warranty!”

The materials will be delivered to your driveway. The supply company generally unloads them to one side of the driveway on pallets. We’ll ask you which side you’d like to have them placed. We try to deliver the material as close as possible to the start date of your job, but sometimes weather delays happen. So, you might have material in your driveway for up to a few days before we can start. Please note that we are not responsible for marks on the driveway or any other damage that may be caused by the supply company.

The roofing crew will arrive with a dump truck or dump trailer and back into your driveway. They will begin to remove the shingles, old felt, damaged vents and flashing and throw as much as possible directly into the trailer. You’ll see pieces of shingles falling around other parts of your house as well. Don’t worry, we’ll be picking it all up and running a nail magnet to pick up nails. Sometimes your walls will shake because of the work going on above. You might want to take that fragile picture down or a figurine off a shelf to prevent breakage (We can’t be responsible for damage caused by normal roofing activity). The roofers will begin to nail down existing nails and install water proof felt, flashing and vents. Ultimately, your shingles will be nailed down as well. We only use nails NEVER staples. If you have any specific questions involving the process please contact your sales representative or call us directly at 817-505-3211.

Through out the course of your job and several times during the day, a production manager and/or your sales representative will stop by the job to make sure everything is going well. Are we pulling chalk lines? Are we protecting the property from damage? Are shingles going on straight? Is the pressure correct on the nail guns? Are we keeping the job as clean and safe as possible? Ultimately, when the job is complete the roofing crew will pick up everything and pull away with the debris from the tear off. You will have a new roof and your home will look just as good as it was before we got there. We will address any issues you have with the job immediately and solve any problems that may have come up. We expect you to be happy and pleased to write us a check for our work. Your warranty is 10 years, covers labor and materials and is transferable.



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